Functional accessories / Gliding tray (aluminium finish)

Gliding Tray


Our gliding trays are a great way to manage your cargo as well as provide ease of accessibility. For the novice user our trays start at a 150 kg load rating and range to the serious professionals needs of up to a 500 kg load. We have many optional surface materials, finishes, side rails, tow hooks, cargo managers…..too many options to list. Just tell us what you need and we have it. While many gliding trays may look the same the construction of the support mechanism is the proof of the quality of the design and construction materials.

Our gliding trays are unlike most gliding trays in that they do not extend only to the end of the tailgate but beyond. We can do this due to our solid design and quality of materials. The reason most trays do not extend beyond the tailgate is that they will collapse if not supported from underneath the load. This is due to the use of low-quality materials. Before you buy a gliding tray, see if it allows for extension beyond the tailgate. If not, it is of inferior quality, come and get a quality product from us.


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