Limitless® ROCKY roof rack for rollbar

ROCKY Roof Rack For Roll bar

While the majority of our customers have our products on vehicles that they drive on the highway the majority of the time we haven’t forgotten about our customers that are true off-roads men and sportsmen. For you hard core off-road aficionados we have a line of accessories designed for you. The Off-Road Bull bar is not EU on-road approved so this product is intended solely for off road use.Our Off-Road package offers a fully functional roll bar complete with winch mounting platform, heavy duty bed side rails, a full wrap around type bumper/push bar/headlamp guard/front fender guard winch ready combination with super heavy duty side steps and a massive rear bumper guard to keep any rear impacts from making contact with vulnerable rear body parts. Our “Off Road Package” provides virtually 360° of protection to your vehicles body from front, rear, or side impacts that you may encounter while driving in austere and/or extremely rough conditions. It is the perfect one stop package for your off-road needs.

Our Limitless® ROCKY Off-Road Roll Bar provides you with everything you will need to support any off-road hobby, sport, or work requirements. Our fully functional roll bar provides roll-over protection, side rail protection with tie down points, optional top rack that can either be added and removed or just slid down to an out of the way position, rear winch mounting solution, spot/driving light mounting points,...... everything you may need to support your requirements.  

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Our Limitless® Rocky Fender Flares allow you to change your vehicle's profile as well as the nuances of its appearance with very little effort or expense. They also provide the added benefits of a more aggressive look, coverage over the entire width of the tires if they are oversized (required by law), and additional protection to the sides of your vehicle from debris that may be thrown up from the road.

Our Limitless® ROCKY Off-Road Side Step/Protection provides the full functionality of a side step with the rugged design and performance to withstand the roughest terrain. Our side step is designed to not only compliment the look of our other ROCKY Off-Road accessories but also provide protection to the sides of the vehicle should there be any impacts that would otherwise damage your vehicle.

Our Limitless® ROCKY Off-Road Roof Rack provides you with the strength, durability, and reliability to meet any and all of your roof storage/platform needs. Our heavy duty construction and finish make the roof rack a nice aesthetic addition to your vehicle as well as providing you additional work/storage space for those times when just the bed of the truck is not enough.

Our Limitless® ROCKY Off-Road Rear Bumper is designed to be a fully functional impact protective device. It is made of heavy gauge steel construction with a wrap around design to protect the rear corners of the vehicle from potential impacts. It is designed to accommodate a full size spare tire and jerry cans should you feel the need to have these items accessible. It is also designed to receive any number of spot/driving lights (see our Limitless® lighting options) to best meet your requirements. 

Our Limitless® ROCKY Off-Road Front Bumper is designed to be a fully functional impact protective device. It is made of heavy gauge steel construction, head light guards, corner guards to protect the front corners of the vehicle from potential impacts, and is designed to receive a heavy duty winch (see our Limitless® Winch Selection) as well as any number of spot/driving lights (see our Limitless® lighting options).


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